7 in 7 

Sonic City NYC

ThIs is a project for Parsons Design and Technology Major Studio 1

In 7days,  I will work step by step to build a sound interactive 3D particle system in processing.

This is a project created within one week. It is aiming to map and visualize the audio landscape of New York City.

Inspired by the pandemic situation of New York, since we undergo the lock down early this year, lots of merchants are shut down, people are moving out of Manhattan, public transit is reduced or cut down, and tourists disappear. There are also several protests in the past months.
This work arouses the city's invisible changes, turning this city soundscape into 'radios,' 'signals,' and interfering with NYC's images/visual scope.

The final outcome will be several Sound Images processed by ‘radio sound’ around New York City, including Central Park, Pier No.5, Highline Walk, Williamsburg Bridge, Long Islang City railway, and Soical Protest accoss Manhattan. 

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︎Summary︎Day 1 Coding Issues1 Particle 2D

︎ Day 2 Coding Issues2 3D Particle& Colors

︎ Day 3 Image Processing with code

Image Source from Van Gogh 

︎ Day 4 City Radio

︎ Day 5 Communicator( Data Parsing & Controls Setting up osc controller

︎ Day 6 Sonic City New York

Create a online remix sound sculpture of NYC

︎ Day 7 Final Presentation Audio-Visual

Sound and Image Source from March Protest