Sonograms of New York City

Augmenting the Cityscape with Audiovisual Exp


A Testing Application Running in, to test the visuals running in shader and audios under the Vue.js framework



AR.js, ShaderPark
Sound Design
Ambisonic Sound
Process, Pieces, Works,  and  Experience

A Series of live sound visuals near Union Square Park. 


By using data sculpting, this project captures and constantly displays unrecognized repercussions in our environment.  The piece uses specific algorithms to process this information and transfers them to images imposed on landscapes being viewed through a phone or a tablet. The work’s info-data subtracts, filters, and ultimately overlays 3D organic visuals.

These forms represent the pulses of the infrastructure system of New York City.

When the participant plugs in their headphones, lifts their phones and walks down the street, they will experience the amplification of subtle sounds of the city at spots tagged by interface to access sounds generated underground beneath the pavement by the “A-tag”(see image above), a construction marks over the street roads and indicates a different type of works with different colors.

It is used as the portal to sound that mapping interface to the existing symbolic system construction signs, fire hydrants, and construction markers on pavement and sidewalks. Technicians can usually read these systems, such as pipe-layers and firefighters.

The interface is built in order for the audience in the pop-up exbhition better to understand the process of sound analysis and the visuals.

Some Other Visualizations 

Design Process, Sound Analysis, and Visualizations

Defining Materials, Sound Quality, and Colors with A-tags

Prototyping the Application Interface

Sound Libraries(On-Going)