Day 4
City Radio
Day 4

As we accqure serenity in classic art and paintings, noise, chaos, digital sound is the obsite side of these artworks.

Instead, I want to capture the chaos, noises, uprisings in our city life. day 4, I am building a radio to receive, analyze my nearby ‘invisible’ noise and will be prepared later to add them onto interfering the images of the city. In Maxmsp Scope, I establish a radio analysis app.

︎Day 1 Coding Issues1 Particle 2D
︎ Day 2 Coding Issues2 3D Particle& Colors

︎ Day 3 Image Processing with code
︎ Day 4 City Radio

︎ Day 5 Communicator( Data Parsing & Controls
︎ Day 6 Sonic City New York
︎ Day 7 Final Presentation Audio-Visual
Radio effect on sound