Eat My Breakfast!!

2D bit-map style game built in p5



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This is a bit-map game, try to recreate the scene where I messed up my breakfast in the morning when I hurried to go to school. It shares the inevitable small failures in our daily life that happens again and again.

The game is constructed with three levels: making avocado, cooking eggs, and bringing food to the table. At each level, players are required to make the food in a limited time session.
I cut my finger one time badly when trying to remove the avocado fruit pit with a knife. They are very sneaky in my wet hand... shaky when seeing a knife.

Cook the egg is easy but not easy when you are running out of time... Remember to keep the fire level down and remove it from the stove as soon as it’s cooked.

When you are in a hurry, things always get complicated. I found that my kitchen is a maze, and I know I won’t find my salt and pepper...