Feminine Channels

Sound Installations


︎ Arduino
︎ Electronic Circuits
︎ Sound


The four speakers record the female experiences of social changes. They play different soundtracks which function as four stages. One plays the news softly representing the mundane life; the second speaker is looping Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, just like someone keeps talking and talking to herself; the third stage is the consciousness and memories of a woman, which recording the uprising history of women in modern life; the final stage is the emotional station of female, reacting to the other three stations, switching between laughing and crying. The news is set to a low volume as if the constraint of daily life is repeating restlessly. The emotion is automatically crawling or laughing in reaction to the environment. The third station is sometimes playing a part in a movie scene, an aria from the opera, or a random talk show about the women’s lives in the 60s. All these strata of voices and realities overlap together to create a fabricated reality, a history of sound about the poignant history of the feminine.