Little Match Girl

Collabrate with Gary Zhang

Brown Center in Maryland Institute College of Art(MICA), Baltimore.

Sound Reactive Installation
for Baltimore Choral Art Society


︎ Processing & P5
︎ Microphone
︎ Performance

︎ Stage Installation

The whole performance is designed by the director of BCAS to mix and match with the famous Bach piece, Saint Matthew Passion according to the plot.

Our design is to create a programmed animation that is displayed in the auditorium. It can react to the volume of sound in the surrounding environment and especially the performance. As the volume raising, the snow on the screen will get heavier. Meanwhile, the animation object on the screen will also start to move.

About this performance
This is an immersive performance around David Lang's Little Match Girl and Bach's St. Matthew Passions created by MICA interactive art department, collaborating with the Baltimore Chorales Art Society.

Project Coordinator: James Rouvelle,
Graphic Designer: Sean Dong,
Artists: Zhijun Song, Gary Zhang, Lucas Haroldsen, Maura Last, and Danielle Hou,
Illustrators: Xiao Xu, Ruisheng Zhong,
Actor: Liz Christmas.

A glance of the performance


For experience, please go to this site ︎︎ 
Click the page to start the audio collection. Making some noise to drive the animation.