Luna, Eclipse, and Quartet


Arduino UNO, Inferred Sensor, Projector, Madmapper, Coding, Mirror

Luna, Eclipse, and Quartet tries to mimic the moon eclipse and put this landscape in a created space that isolated from the true world. As moon has become part of human history and also daily life, moon eclipse has been given different cultural meanings to people. The period of the moon is a metaphor of females body.
In the dark room, when people approach the projected Wall, the moon eclipse will start and covering the moon shapes. The four copies arouse the feeling of otherness to the true reality of one moon. The first shape is incompletely hidden by the reflection of a mirror. Audience can find moon is on the another side of the room. Thus the practice of phenomenology is here: for audience to manipulate the moon eclipse, to feel the astrologic phenomenon in a temporary space, they became the true performer of this quartet.