Major Studio Research Process

Part I 

Mood Board and Sketches 

Examples that I will always refer back to when design my own.

Part II

Interactive Storytelling sketches

I picked the story of a lost key to show in this demo...

Here I have a demo in adobe XD to show the interaction features and user experience. Interaction contents: sound, voice controls, menu, animations

Part III 

Develop in AR

By using AR.js, it may make more sense to show you how to use this app. Here I also met a further question: Which is the best way to display my objects into the scene. Here are the three solutions: I have the last two version demos
To try this two app, please open these two links in your phone browsers. For the Image Based App open the second link on your phone and scan this picture.

Finally I test out the location based app.

As the images on the left show, there is a simple model loading in the scene. (This is a rough draft now, and lots of interactions haven’t been developed yet.)

Features under development:
  • menu bar,
  • sound,
  • popup message box...
I will try to  finish the app by the final.

Set Locations and Pins to my Scene

Here is another part that I’m developing. In order to let people find all these objects easily, it is necessary to display a pin over each objects.
To run the app, open this link on your phone and agree to use geolocation datas.

 Click on this pins, it will show a place tag.