An GenAI-Infused Expedition into the Subterranean Secret Garden

Collabration with Dundu.n International, 
Yuqing Liang,  and Yalin Hu.

Stable Diffusion


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秘密花园Sojourn——纽约AI秘密花园艺术展, Vogue China

Alt-Alterity Group Exhibition, UAAD art

︎ Concept

Exhibited at NYFW Arcadia as an Immersive Room
Within these hallowed walls, temporal boundaries dissolve, ushering in a new era of experiential artistry. We invite you to embark upon a journey that seamlessly melds the artistic realm with the technological frontier.
Sojourn stands for a testament to the symphony of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence. Here, the underground secret garden is re-envisioned through the convergence of captivating projections, mellifluous sounds, and innovative AI orchestrations. Our purpose is to craft an extraordinary experience that blurs the lines between art and technology, a testament to the boundless possibilities when these two worlds converge. It's a celebration of human potential and a glimpse into the future of immersive art and technology.

Subterranean Secret Garden
Beneath the bustling surface of fashion, we unveil the "Subterranean Secret Garden" theme. Within these confines, the boundaries of time and reality blur, giving birth to an underground oasis where nature's hidden wonders and futuristic innovation intertwine. This is not just a room; it's a portal to a world where dreams and technology coexist in harmonious splendor. From the starting point, we adopted Dundu.n’s theme Acadia, to create a surrealistic vacation experience, using mesh wires, plaster, white sand, and moss, we shape a damp, and tranquil underground cave landscape. Once the audience enters into the dark room , the subterranean garden has just started.

Project Team & Role
GenAI/Creative Tech: Zhijun Song, Yuqing Liang
Visual Design: Yalin Hu, Zhijun Song, Yuqing Liang
Sound Design: Zhijun Song
Project Management: Yalin Hu

︎ Design Process

Applying stable diffusion UI and touchdesigner, we used text prompts to generate tons of 2D plant imageries. With Shape-E, we transferred these key visuals into 3D nubes.Our
Visuals are not mere projections; they are journeys into the fantastical. Through the wizardry of AI, we bring to life landscapes that defy the ordinary. Stable diffusion and shap-E, our 2D to 3D ML model, serve as our artistic companions in this endeavor. With the theme of an imaginary, mysterious underground secret garden, we started with generating images with surreal live forms, and then utilized AI tools to transform the images into stop motions and point clouds as visual assets for our projections.

︎ Exhibition Settings & Showroom details