Unreal Position

Audio-visual VR Experience


︎ VRTK+Unity
︎ OSC
︎ MIDI controller
︎ Performance

︎ 3D sculpting


Unreal Position is an ongoing VR project based on Unity and Keijiro Takahashi’s unity open-source plug-ins and libraries. By using the 3D scanning models of lifelike sculptures of the MICA main building, this project is trying to recreate the reality with VR technology and remix the experience that only can be realized in the virtual world, such as the animating, amplification, and minification of sculptures. This sort of juxtaposition creates a hyper-real audio-visual experience. By engaging with the VR technique, the audience is allowed to enter into a virtual space that will enable them to interact with the lively dancing sculptures that are still in reality. We also designed and incorporated it with the soundscape to make it a VJ project. Thus the audience is allowed to enter into a virtual space with sculptures jittering by the rhythm of the sound source in the real world and spacial music sound in the scene. With the control of a MIDI keypad, other participators could control the movement of the sculpture to enforce the VR world with tangible actions.