Water Metrology

Interactive + Ambisonic Sound Experience


︎ Sound
︎ MaxMSP
︎ Processing
︎ Motion tracking

︎ OpenCV


Water Metrology is an interactive sound installation based on field recording soundscapes of water from multiple locations. Water is commonly seen only as a part of the physical environment and of ecological resources; also, there are strong linkages of water and culture and people’s lives, as

Water is always a metaphor of social economic and political relationships – a barometer of the extent to which identity, power, and resources and shared.’’(the Water Community).

The project takes over water sound from streams, reservoir, harbor, rivers, springs, which are all related with human activities in order to convert a space as an experience of underwater, this sound installation is aiming to arouse the acoustic resonance to the diminutive level of water and use multiple ways of interaction to draw the temporality, inconsistency and instability of the relationship between human bodies in a fabricated time-space scope.

Regarding to the interaction, I use a surveillance camera to capture the motions and redistribute the movement at a two-minute loop with coding as the sound will constantly jump and shift with the motion detected by the camera and overlapping with the real-time movements.

a glance of route restoring and iterations in MaxMsps
a glance of route restoring and iterations in MaxMsps